Injection Molding

Engel Tiebarless Machines

Ess Tec, Inc. specializes in small tonnage tiebarless plastic injection parts. We have 33 tiebarless Engel machines that range from 35-240 tons and with shot sizes up to 16 ounces. Tiebarless machines enable the production of larger parts on a smaller machine, meaning lower cost and higher quality parts.

Tiebarless Benefits


Tiebarless machines eliminate the concern of tool dimensions, meaning we can more closely match the part size and shot weight to the machine tonnage and shot volume to produce on a smaller machine and at a lower cost.


Reduce tool wear and maintenance by virtually eliminating plate deflection and tool misalignment. A 15% increase in mold locking force and improved mating of the tools core and cavity halves can reduce or eliminate Parting Line Flash.


We run 29 Engel injection molding systems. Each of our machines is designed to have a perfect interaction of components, meaning less downtime and dependable, quality service and parts for our customers.

Injection Molding with Ess Tec, Inc.

Concept to Part

Our team of experts is here to help advise you from concept to part.

Centralized Data Collection

We are process oriented and track production, so we can pin point and address problems quickly and efficiently.

Three-Shift Operation

Our three-shift operation means we can fulfill customer orders quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Our Capabilities

  • 35-240 Tonnage
  • Two-Shot Molding
  • Short and Long Production Runs
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Insert Molding
  • Lens / Optics Molding

Shot Size

0.14 oz to 16 oz 

Working with Ess Tec, Inc.

We are committed to treating each of our customers with respect regardless of size or industry. Through operational excellence, we produce precision parts, with on-time deliveries, accuracy and dependability. We promise to be a trusted business partner.

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