Quality. Precision. Accuracy.

Ess Tec, Inc. is dedicated to operational excellence, ensuring our customers quality parts. We are IATF 16949:2016 certified with systems in place to provide our customers with quality components made with precision and accuracy.

Quality People

Ess Tec, Inc. understands that quality starts with people. We strive to create an environment that empowers and inspires our team. This results in individuals dedicated to developing tools and processes to produce and deliver parts to our customers specifications.

Quality Equipment

From the beginning, Ess Tec Inc. has been committed to superior equipment because we know you can only expect repeatable quality parts from quality equipment. One example of this is our commitment to Engel injection molding machines. With Engel’s excellent performance, our unscheduled machine downtime is less than 1% annually. This is a key component to meeting our customers needs in a timely manner.

“For five plus years Ess-Tec has produced injection molded parts that are integral components in our custom fabricated commercial finish goods. If you place high standards on spec conformance, first quality parts, on-time delivery with professional customer support this is a company you want to strategically align with.”

Opstock, Inc.

Working with Ess Tec, Inc.

We are committed to treating each of our customers with respect regardless of size or industry. Through operational excellence, we produce precision parts, with on-time deliveries, accuracy and dependability. We promise to be a trusted business partner.

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