Pad Printing

Pad Printing

Ess Tec, Inc.’s advanced pad printing technology allows us to transfer complex 2D images on to various components.

Pad Printing Benefits


From molding to printing, Ess Tec, Inc. is dependable. Keeping the component and decorating in one building saves you time and money.


Our capable equipment and inspection processes assures quality products are provided to our customers.


Our pad printed products are printed in a climate controlled environment to assure repeatable processes.


  • Up to Five Colors per Print Cycle
  • Color Matching
  • Print Length up to 18.00 inches
  • Automated Printing
  • Environmentally Controlled

Working with Ess Tec, Inc.

We are committed to treating each of our customers with respect regardless of size or industry. Through operational excellence, we produce precision parts, with on-time deliveries, accuracy and dependability. We promise to be a trusted business partner.

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